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The definition of bangernomics?

I feel like I got myself a new car today, even though it's one I've owned for nearly 5 years. I SORN'd my S-type a few months ago because I knew it was going to fail its MoT test on the exhaust. During the customisation, before I bought it, a remote controlled straight through tailpipe had been added as part of the exhaust mods and the Y splitter was rusting through. Yesterday I dropped it off at Billy Smith's garage in Galgate for the repairs and a test and got it back today. Of course I taxed it right away and drove it home, via the petrol station. I have really missed driving a V8 and am so happy to have it back. As for the #bangernomics, it cost me £1400 to buy in 2018 and since then I've done 40,000 miles and, including tyres & oil changes, I don't think I've spent more than £1000 on parts. Until today I've been able to do most of the jobs myself (btw today's bill, including the test, was £207). I've treated it, and me, to a 'new' steering wheel that's cleaner and might well have working buttons that will bring the cruise control back to life, and a 'new' centre armrest. That'll make it drive even better I'm sure.

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