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Toyota Celica GT4x4 Carlos Sainz in the workshop

This rather rare Celica was dropped off today and it brought back a lot of memories. The owner is an old friend from before I moved to the US, he's only the second owner and has had it since 1994. I actually drove it at the time and it was easily the best car I'd ever driven, at that point anyway. It's been off the road for some years now, the plan is to get it so that it can be MoT tested and then decide how much further to go with regards restoring some of the underside and suspension components. The body and interior are both in excellent order so it's all mechanical stuff, my sort of project. I'll go through the fuel system, carry out as many checks as I can on the engine (new fluids of course), fit the restored calipers and make sure the rest of the brakes, suspension and electrics are all ok.

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