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Tatra 603 roadtrip

Regular visitors to my workshop might well have assumed that the Tatra 603 I have had in there for a few years was a static exhibit but here's some evidence to the contrary. The last time it was taken out, the UK Tatra Register's rally in 2019, it threw a lot of oil out, on its return the owner asked me to rebuild the engine. This work was just about complete a year ago but what with the Covid situation and the owner living overseas it never quite had the finishing touches and testing. A call from the owner a couple of weeks ago telling me it was his intention to go on this year's rally spurred me on somewhat to get it ready for the road and, after issues with the battery, starter motor, slightly stale fuel and quite a bit of worry and lost sleep (mine), he set off in it last Wednesday. Thursday proved a little troublesome, an issue with the solenoid kept the starter from turning over reliably and wearing in of the clutch was causing a slip. I managed to get a spare starter in the post for delivery Friday lunchtime and sent instructions on adjusting the throw-out lever to clutch slave cylinder setting, that was enough to get the car to the event. In Gosport, Hampshire - the other end of the country. It also made it back. Not only that but the owner and car were awarded the prize for what sounded like "Commitment to the cause". Apart from the starter and clutch issues the owner reported the engine to be running very well indeed, it seems like all of the stress has been worthwhile.

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