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SS Replica prepared for IVA test

Today I completed the final couple of tasks required to get the SS Replica ready for IVA test, fabricated & fitted a VIN plate for the bulkhead and stamped the chassis number into the frame rail. The other jobs included, but is not limited to: plastic bolt caps fitted to all exposed nuts and bolts on front suspension; new headlamps & brackets; new front indicators; side repeaters installed; new mirrors - side & rear view; faux radiator cap removed; excess holes fitted with carriage bolts; wheel spinners replaced; new rear light clusters fitted; faux fuel tank vent removed & holes blocked up; new fuel filler neck & locking cap fitted; license plate mounts fitted front & rear; new padded dashboard fabricated & fitted; headlamp switch replaced; fog lamp switch & IVA appropriate auto-switch off circuit installed; fog lamp raised to approved height; seats replaced with some that have headrests & built in seat belts; windscreen, wipers & soft top removed & excess holes blanked off.

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