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SS Replica and the IVA test - part 2

Following on from the most recent post about the SS 100 replica the first thing to say is that it failed. I was only slightly disappointed, most of the work I've carried out passed and most of the fails were in areas where I had done nothing. A lot of these were related to the wiring loom being mostly unprotected and not particularly well secured. I've now fitted conduit to all of the wiring loom under the bonnet and underneath the car and also protected the fuel hoses around the fuel pump - another fail. They also were not keen on the wiring under the dash, neither was I to be honest but it was how it comes from Suffolk and needed some serious reengineering. Instead I fabricated & fitted a millboard panel between the dash and the bulkhead and that seems to have done the trick, no chance of "snagging" now. Lastly on the wiring the main positive and negative leads to the battery have been secured to the bulkhead with proper p-clips. The fog lamp failed on not being "e" marked and both it and the reverse lamps failed on height from the ground (15mm too low), replacements have been sourced and fitted through fabricated brackets to the original mounts. The HT leads and fuel hoses around the engine were deemed to be unsuitably secured, I've run the HT leads through an aftermarket but correct clip mounted on the thermostat housing and used p-clips to secure the hoses that run between the carburettors through a t-piece. The seats & tyres also failed but only in that they could see no evidence from either that they met the DVSA requirements. Blockley, the manufacturer of the tyres, only puts the technical data on one side, mostly fitted inside, and the examiner was unable to find what is clearly there - photos of this information will sort this out. The seats were a cheap solution to a difficult problem, taken from a minibus. The owner has got hold of the manufacturer and they have confirmed that the seats we have do meet M1 standards. And lastly, but not leastly, one of the first tests they carried out was on noise, max allowed is 99db, they recorded 101db, immediate fail. I got some decibel reducers from Demon Tweeks, wrapped them with steel wool and with them up the tailpipes I measured a 5db reduction, another tick. Next step is to book a retest, then work out the best way to get it down to Oldham again.

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