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SS Replica and the IVA test

For anyone who's been following this saga I have an update on the SS Replica that I've been preparing for its IVA test. I had booked a test in early January, borrowed a friend's tow car and another's trailer but unfortunately had overheating issues on the M61, missed the test and forfeited the fee. I decided to rent a car transporter locally, Preston anyway, but had a call Tuesday saying that it was in Ireland and had a suspicious smell, possibly the clutch. I was offered an alternate but it was in Leeds so this morning set off at 6am to go and pick it up. There was no safe parking offered so went in the Skyline as it was light enough to put it on the truck and bring it back. I've got my fingers crossed for tomorrow, have to be in Oldham by 7:30am, the transporter has 341000 miles on the clock so, depending on how you look at it, the chances of it going wrong tomorrow, after all that distance, are slim. Question mark.

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