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Sizaire-Berwick progress

After a series of one thing leads to at least four problems the Sizaire-Berwick that came in during the winter is nearing completion. The most recent job to be completed, almost, is sorting out the cooling system, mainly the water pump. The outer cover was a complete bodge, beautiful in its outrageousness. The main body of the pump was rotting away and the gland packing had completely deteriorated. Fortunately this car is based on a contemporary Austin Twenty and the Vintage Austin Register have been most helpful, they've supplied new castings for the cover and base. Joe Carroll cleaned up the impeller and, with a new bearing installed, new gland packing and the packing adjusting nut wound up there was no leak. Sadly there was a leak from a blanking plate on the block, hence the "almost", which has been removed for machining. As far as the rest of the work that has been involved with getting this car back on the road I'll summarise that when it's all done.

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