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Rover running

It's nice when something works out as you might hope. As I reported earlier I was intending on focusing on the fuel injectors, accessing them showed up a couple of other small problems (blocked hoses and pipes to the intake heater system, seized throttles, etc) that were easily solved. After a clean and some lubrication all of the injectors, apart from the cold start, showed a nice even mist, and even the cold start did the same after a bit more encouragement. Whilst it was apart I cleaned up everything I'd removed and this afternoon put it all back together, hooked it up to a battery and turned the key. After a few spins, and once the oil pressure switch had grounded the fuel pump, it fired up on all 8 cylinders and idled really nicely. I didn't run it for long as I think it could do with a change of coolant. With it running I can make my way around the rest of the car and get it ready for MoT testing. I am quite looking forward to driving this one.

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