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Rolls-Royce Wraith clutch all done

I don't usually post follow ups when work is complete but I am so pleased with how well this job has gone I can't help myself. I was hoping that the required parts would show up in good time and, thanks to Phil at Introcar, that was certainly the case. They had a new pressure plate in stock and on sale (people tend to upgrade to a diaphragm clutch) but they had to order in the friction plate. Even so the delivery was dropped off at 9:30 yesterday and by 4pm today I was driving it. I think the longest single job was securing the floor panels with 75 ¼ BSF slotted screws. Fortunately this car was built when Rolls-Royce still used what I think must be a high carbon steel in all of their nuts and bolts, they very rarely seize and once cleaned come up like brand new, this make the disassembly/reassembly a lot easier, although I should add that I've not got as oily as I did working on this car for a long time. Start to finish was 10 days.

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