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Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II almost done

Some progress on the Silver Shadow II that was dropped off a month or so ago. Other than a sticking float chamber needle the carburettors turned out ok, compression test was fine, new spark plugs were fitted and it now fires up as it should and runs smoothly on all 8 cylinders. It needed a new stove pipe for the choke as well and this device is also working fine. The brakes were kind of a mixed bag with rebuilt calipers on the right side but the left side had been left alone. Two new calipers have been fitted to the front left corner and the rear left needed new dust seals. I've also fitted all new pads front and back and also new pins and anti-rattle springs (these were missing). I've also replaced the handbrake pads, retaining springs and some of the adjusting nut parts. I installed some new seals to a spare steering rack that came with the car and fitted it yesterday. In addition I have replaced the Facet fuel pump with the correct SU type, not the easiest of jobs as there is very little room where it goes. Today I bled the braking system and have been able to put the wheels back on. I'll take it for a test drive on Monday and see how it gets on.

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