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Rolls-Royce 20/25 at Wray car meet

As the owner of this Thrupp & Maberley bodied Rolls-Royce 20/25 Sports Saloon lives in Australia and hasn't been able to come and take the car on tours as planned, and won't until some time in 2022, he's encouraged me to use it a bit. To this end I have taken it to a couple of local car meetings, one in Morecambe a couple of weeks ago and yesterday I drove over to Wray for their first meeting in about a year. I rebuilt the engine two years ago and fitted an overdrive the year before but it didn't get any use at all last year. When I first went to it to get it ready for use it started practically when the first spark met with the first charge, pretty good for having sat for so long. It really is a delight to drive, accelerates like a Derby Bentley and provides unstressed cruising at 50 mph with the overdrive engaged. I'm looking forward to putting some more miles on the engine this summer. Photo courtesy of Mike Rackham.

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