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Reliant Rialto SE in the workshop

In the spirit of all cars being equal here's something else that's turned up at the workshop. The owner's had a few issues on the way home from buying it, the main one being that it didn't make the destination through loss of coolant and a possible head gasket issue. There was emulsified oil around the rockers that implied a significant amount of water had crept into the sump so I removed the cylinder head - number 3 cylinder liner shows significant signs of corrosion so it looks like engine out. There's a decision to be made now, thankfully not mine. I can get a used running engine right away, a rebuilt engine for a bit more cash but there's a waiting list, or I can rebuild the original engine in house. It also needs work on the door locks and windows, a general check of brakes, wheels, tyres, suspension and the like and the fitting of new heater air pipes.

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