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Panhard Dyna Z1 investigations

I shuffled some cars around on Monday so I could get my customer's Panhard Dyna Z1 out of it's storage spot and look into the unusual noises that he's asked me to track down. First thing I found was that it wouldn't start, using the primer on the fuel pump showed no fuel up to the carburettor, twenty quid's worth in the tank this morning did the trick. Once it was running there was a distinct tinny noise from the front of the engine, pushing on the covers made it go away so I did some "repositioning" and the noise was no more. The owner had thought that the noise was related to the front suspension but a thorough inspection revealed only that he had bought a really nice car, suspension and steering components were all found to be in excellent condition. I did find one of the half shaft flange bolts missing but, fortunately, I found it in the front subframe, and made sure it, and all the other flange bolts, were nice and tight (all were loose - both sides). Lastly the brakes, the right side drum was binding a bit but otherwise was like new, in the left side I found the spring that pulls the shoes together at the bottom was floating loose, doing nothing other than occasionally picking up on the drum or rattling in the shoe. I had an as new spring in my stock of random Panhard stuff so it's all back together and ready for whenever the owner wants it back.

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