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Panhard Dyna X86 120 in the workshop

I've been looking forward to seeing this Panhard Dyna X86 again as it's the first of this marque that I sourced for one of my customers around 9 years ago. It had been off the road for a long time, I got it running, went through the whole car to make it safe and, as it was stored in my workshop, used it whenever the opportunity arose. The passing of my customer led to its sale nearly two years ago. The new owner couldn't have been more ideal, he had no intention of restoring it and erasing its identity and has been enjoying using it for shows and events, he told me it attracts huge attention wherever it goes (not entirely surprised, this happened with me too). It's in for a service and check over and I'm also going to pull the fuel tank, even though it has a very fine fuel filter the slow running jets are even finer and small particles block them, especially after refuelling when whatever residue is in the tank gets stirred up.

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