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Open Day in 4 weeks or so, the countdown continues...

Following on from the suggested theme of photos of "the" workshop, as in the current one, I thought I'd post photos of the assorted workshops I have worked from over the years. This is the first, a 2 bay shed in the hills to the west of Paso Robles, CA. With permission from the US government to work, or at least pay taxes, and having been offered the chance to put a 1942 Cadillac back on the road, I lucked into this (?). It was on a piece of land owned by the actor Morgan Woodward, you can look him up, he played the mirror sunglasses-wearing prison guard in Coll Hand Luke as well as two different baddies in 2 different episodes of the original Star Trek (different colour overalls distinguished them as different characters). The car is a 1963 Thunderbird that I dragged out of a back garden in San Luis Obispo. After scaring all of the black widows away from it (there were a lot), and a significant amount of other work, it was a really nice car. The second photo show it as found. See you in 4 weeks. Or so.

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