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My new favourite tool

One of the jobs that needs doing on the 1967 Mustang that's in the workshop is replacement of the tail shaft bushing & seal on the C4 automatic transmission. As found the yoke of the prop-shaft could be moved significantly and the seal was starting to pay the price. There is a special tool for removing the bushing from the rear housing but not in the UK off the shelf and hard to find and expensive in the US, not including shipping delays and costs. I asked my friend Joe (Joe Carroll Groundworks & Engineering) to have a look into making one and this is what he came up with. It's in three main parts, the outer tube (with the teeth) slides into the bushing until it clicks, the inner tube is used to hold the teeth in position and the puller is then attached with 2 M8 bolts that also locate the 2 tubes. Needless to say it worked perfectly. Thanks Joe.

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