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Minor Traveller, hotrod?

One of my customers dropped off this Morris Minor Traveller last year with instructions for me to pull the engine out, strip it down, seal it up and put it back together. At the same time I heard about a 1275cc Sprite engine that was recently rebuilt, running great and ready to go at a good price, what you might call a no-brainer, especially if you consider that it came with an intake manifold and a pair of SU HS2 carburettors. Replacing the engine was straightforward but there was a bit of a delay in deciding which way to go on the exhaust. This was resolved recently, a set of headers and a big bore system was sourced from Maniflow (great product, perfect fit, I've no association of course) and it's been finished off with a set of K&N air filters. It certainly sounds really good, I'm hoping to take it out for a test drive tomorrow.

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