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MG Midget 1500 engine now running

The various parts required to fix the MG Midget problem came together quickly so it's pretty much all back together and I've fired it up. Lancaster engines took 0.009" off the head overnight earlier this week so I could lap in the valves and get it back on the engine the next day. I took the precaution of draining the oil, it certainly wasn't sullied with coolant but only 1 litre came out. You might remember that it didn't have any coolant either. It's now got fresh oil, a new filter, new engine mounts, a new radiator, new water pump and all new hoses and hose clamps. Whilst the carburettors and ignition system do need some setting up, and the breather hoses need to be more suitable, it is running well with good oil pressure. I can only think that these engines are built strong, it's been run hot with no coolant and little oil and yet to fix it I've only had to work on the top end. Remarkable.

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