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Marina and Midget update

The Morris Marina and MG Midget are both at the point where all faults are worked out and parts are, or will be, on their way. I've removed the rear coil-overs for replacement with standard shock absorbers, the prop-shaft is off too - the centre universal joint is worn and I'm going to replace the centre bearing. The carburettors have been taken off, cleaned, rebuilt and refitted with new hoses, just need setting up. The gearbox was pulled yesterday and it's now stripped down, I found the rear end of the layshaft and the roller bearings to be badly worn and the synchro springs on the 1st - 2nd shift are broken.

As for the MG Midget I started out with a compression test, thought my tester was broken as it had none, anywhere. I tried to drain the coolant but there wasn't any of that either. Nothing for it but to remove the cylinder head, doing so revealed the radiator was shot & the thermostat housing didn't have a filler plug so there was no way of checking the coolant level, no wonder it wasn't showing anything on the temperature gauge, the sender is supposed to sit in coolant. There was also no thermostat. The head was reluctant to come off and needed some encouragement, it'll go out to be skimmed before it all goes back together. I also found out why it might have been running rich, the enrichment actuating rods were connected to wrong side of where they attach to the jets, holding them open at least ¼". Apart from fixing the above I'm going to fit new engine mounts and a water pump.

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