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Lancia Augusta work continues

I've been doing a few jobs on the Lancia Augusta I recently sold. The owner has come up with a few jobs in addition to those mentioned in a previous post and now that I'm looking at it more closely some jobs have turned themselves up. I've stripped out the interior, cleaned and painted all panels and laid down Dynamat on floors, side panels and inside all of the doors in order to make it rust proof and insulated for sound. I've fitted new rubber mats to front, sourced from a specialist supplier in Italy, and new door seals from the same place. A new water pump was also sourced from Italy, beautifully made and a perfect fit. The fuel tank has been removed and a slight leak was found in the sender float well so this will be sent to Hartlepool Radiators to go through the Re-Nu process. Yesterday I drained the oil and found it to be somewhat milky, I'm thinking head gasket so the head will come off. As the coolant came out rust coloured I've also removed the grille and radiator and flushed it out and will be cleaning up and repainting the header tank, to make things look a lot nicer under the bonnet. With the head off I'll be able to paint the block and head, again with a view to making things look better.

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