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Jowett Javelin ready to go home

I had a chance to take the Jowett Javelin out for a test drive and as it went well I'm going to have the owner come and pick it up and see how he gets along with it. I sourced a new old stock set of big end bearings in the correct size and with those fitted and the rods all secured I could get the sump back on with a new gasket provided by the marque club. Also got some new water elbow o-rings to stop a coolant leak, fire up test went well. Whilst working on it I found that the tyres were in no fit state to go on the road so a full set of 5 have been fitted. I also found that the rear brakes were binding, with the drums off I could see that the position of the shoes was set using the handbrake cable instead of the adjuster and it was missing a return spring for the cable. On the test drive after this work I felt that the clutch was making it difficult to select a gear, closer inspection revealed a worn pedal pivot pin and a worn clevis pin hole in the clutch pedal where the actuator rod attached. A friend made up a new pivot and fixed up the pedal and these jobs have improved the gear selection. Working around the pedals I discovered that the accelerator also had quite a bit of play and wouldn't go full throttle so a bit of tweaking and this was sorted. Lastly I dropped the fuel tank so I could fit a new filler neck grommet.

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