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Jeep Grand Cherokee pre-purchase inspection & a little work

I went to take a look at this Jeep Grand Cherokee on Monday with a customer who's been looking for something with a good towing capacity and some room in the back for large items. I had a later model Grand Cherokee and few years ago and really liked it so didn't have any problems with recommending this type of vehicle. The previous owner had spent a lot of money on returning it to the road after a hiatus so it ended up being somewhat of a bargain. Even though the transmission has been rebuilt there's a slight leak from the sump so I've got a new one coming and will fit it with a new gasket. Other than that I've only had to fit wiper blades. I'm going to borrow it on Friday to take a car down to Oldham for IVA test, 3500kg towing capacity will certainly come in handy.

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