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Jaguar XJ6 engine assembly

This week I have finally started to assemble the Jaguar XJ6 engine after assorted delays caused by finding quite a few things wrong with it. The block went away to Ken Jenkins to have the head studs removed and top surface skimmed, he also supplied all of the parts required to rebuild it. The crankshaft had to go to Lancaster engines to have one of the journal plugs removed, I got most of them out but the last one was particularly recalcitrant. The crank then went with the pistons & rods, flywheel, clutch and other associated parts to Hi-Tech Engines for balancing. I collected these yesterday morning and now have the crankshaft, pistons, timing gear, timing cover and water pump fitted as well as assorted brackets and other bits and bobs. Sump, cylinder head, rear main seal conversion kit and flywheel & clutch will be next, then it can go back in the car.

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