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Jaguar S-Type overheating

My Jaguar S-Type V8 started giving me cause for concern last week, the electric fan had started coming on during short trips and it's never done this before. A day or so later the temperature gauge went over half way and it's never done that either. The next morning it came to a head with the gauge going into the red and the over temperature warning showing on the dash. I was able to stop immediately, let it cool off for 10 minutes and made it in to work ok where I ordered a new radiator and thermostat. Last Friday I replaced these parts but during the process stressed a joint in the transmission cooler and caused a leak. To access this from below I had to drill out all of the rusted bolts that secure the bumper to the front under tray, worth doing as I've been having flow problems with the washer jets and the pump is behind this panel. I've sourced a replacement cooler from Jag Breakers, should be here next week, and also tested the thermostat in a cup of boiling water, just to be sure. It didn't open - I'm glad as I was a bit worried the problem could be more serious. I've also replaced the serpentine belt while I was in there. Hopefully the rest of the job will go more smoothly.

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