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Jaguar S-Type back on the road

So much for the rest of this job on my Jaguar S-Type running smoothly, regular readers will remember me saying that this is what I was hoping for. The replacement transmission cooler turned up but when I fitted it and fired it up found it also leaked from the same place as the original. Another call to Jag Breakers and a week later a replacement turned up in the post - good of them to do this at no extra cost. Another fire up and this time no leaks but I still wasn't getting any flow through the radiator. I ordered a new thermostat from Berkshire Jaguar and figured I'd get a new water pump so I could cover all of the affordable bases, these came today so I have fitted them and finally got the car as far as my house. I tested the other replacement thermostat in a cup of boiling water and it didn't open, poor quality parts I guess. It'll be a while before I can drive it without an eagle eye on the temperature gauge, that's all I can say.

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