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Jaguar E-type interior trim

With the engine rebuild almost done (just waiting to have the clutch balanced to the flywheel) I have been finishing off the interior trim. The owner bought a full kit and it has been a good one, pretty much everything fits. There was also a lot more to go back in than came out as there were a quite a few of the under-dash pieces missing. It also needed a lot of rewiring, the entire loom on the nearside a-post was split and joined with junction block, it'll be interesting to see if my solder joints hold up when I finally connect the battery. The previous owner had lined the underside of the transmission tunnel with sound deadening material, thereby obstructing the access holes for bleeding the clutch and filling the gearbox. They then glued the carpets to the tunnel, one of my pet hates. All of this has been corrected, just the radio console to finish off.

And Dynamo was making I sure I did it all properly.

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