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Jaguar E-Type engine out

The inspection of the Jaguar E-Type showed up a few things that it will need - the engine is leaking a lot of oil from the front seal, the clutch has a high bite point, one of the spark plugs is cross threaded, the front suspension has worn bushings, the hoses are starting to perish and the interior needs quite a bit of tidying. Last week I pulled the seats out so the owner can have the base of the driver's restored and new foam and rubber fitted to both and also got the bonnet off. With that out of the way I've been able to pull the engine & gearbox assembly out over the last couple of days. It looks like I'll be replacing the radiator with a high efficiency aluminium version, fitting a significantly improved cooling fan and also improving the breathing with a full large bore stainless exhaust system & headers. Once the engine is torn down we will decide how far to go with the rebuild, as the head isn't original I might have some work down to improve flow and, therefore, performance.

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