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Ford Mustang oil pump drive

When this Mustang was dropped off and the owner was explaining the problem, during one of the engine starts there was an odd noise from under the hood. Having replaced the fuel pump and fitted a new pipe to the carburettor I could start it but the engine was now really noisy. It had the sound of a cam follower but magnified. Today I was given permission to investigate, the first thing I noticed was that on starting the engine there was no oil pressure. I put it on the lift, removed the cross-member, dropped the steering idler and pulled the sump (eventually, it was glued on with silicone, bane of any mechanic). In the bottom of the pan was most of the oil pump drive rod, a 10" long hex that was twisted, bent and broken. I removed the oil pump and found it seized so stripped it down and between the inner and outer parts of the pump was what looks like a small slice of mica or gasket, maybe 0.5mm thick and no more than 10mm long, just enough to cause the pump to stop. With this removed and the pump checked over it looks like I'll be able to fix the fault with just a new drive shaft and sump gasket.

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