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Ford Mustang in the workshop

This rather nice Mustang fastback was dropped off yesterday for a few jobs: the valve on the steering arm is leaking so I will fit the rebuilt replacement that it came in with; one of the exhaust clamps was recently knocked off (it does hang a little low) so a new one has been installed; the float in the front fuel chamber in the 750cfm Holley has a tendency to stick when it's being goosed and then it floods so I'll be looking over the carburettor (I'm also going to check the jets as the owner thinks it is set up for drag racing); the installation of the non original 390ci engine and C6 transmission has led to a rather poor shift linkage so I'll be sorting this out - it looks like the box was from a column shift car so the selector on the box is wrong for the floor shift in the Mustang. With those few things sorted it should drive as well as it looks. And sounds.

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