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Ford Capri engine assembly

After assorted delays and scheduling issues this week I have been making a start on putting the Capri 2.8i engine back together. It came in with the heads removed, one suspected of being cracked, and everything else in the boot. The crack in the head appears to have led to seepage into cylinder 4 and hydraulic damage, the related connecting rod was quite bent. Cylinder 4 has been sleeved, a replacement rod sourced, the engine bored to 0.020" over and new pistons have been fitted. The crankshaft only needed a polish, it has been installed with new main and big-ends bearings. A pair of replacement heads have been rebuilt, skimmed and installed with new head gaskets. I've got a conversion set on the way, that will allow me to finish off the bottom end, and the pressed steel parts (sump and rocker covers) are going out for paint next week. I'll be interested to hear thoughts on the colour, it's a 1986, everything on the engine was greyish when I took it out but the replacement cylinder heads were blue, both original paint.

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