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Ford Capri 2.8i almost good to go

A little space opened up in the workshop this week so I was able to get the Capri out of its chamber, put some fuel in and try to fire it up for the first time since the rebuild. There were no drips where it had been sitting, a good start, and after I found the not so original fuel pump switch, it turned but would't fire. I figured it would be timing as I didn't take the distributor out so couldn't be sure of the exact position when putting it back. Fortunately the direction I chose was correct, gave it about 10º and that was enough to have the engine start and, once the fuel system had bled itself out, run smoothly enough to warm up and set the timing. I was so pleased that I gave it a wash and polish, I was surprised to find out how good Ford were at painting cars in the 80s, it's original paint and as close to a mirror finish as you can get. Now I have to re-torque the heads and all that involves and then take for an MoT test.

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