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E-type stereo installation

As part of the re-trim of the Series 1 E-type the owner and I have been trying to come up with a Bluetooth stereo installation that does not require any kind of radio head unit, mostly because only a period correct radio would look correct and one of these is becoming rather expensive for how little the owner intends to listen to music. I made and trimmed a cover for the centre of the radio console and bought an aftermarket radio blanking plate kit from SNG Barrett, into this I put a paddle type illuminated switch and an AUX-In socket that are connected to a device the owner came up with, basically a Bluetooth receiver tied into a 2-channel 100W amplifier that's a little smaller than a box of fags. This device is attached to the underside of the ashtray frame and, with the addition of JBL 6.5" speakers, it's turned out quite neatly. The device itself works on anything from 6V to 24V, I'm going to use an ignition feed to the switch in the blanking plate so it can be turned on and off independently. It was not possible to mount the device through the blanking plate as the AUX-In socket was in the same face as the on/off switch, hence the use of a remote switch and AUX extension.

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