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Derby Bentley engine nearly done

Some more work on the Derby Bentley engine this week and it's nearly ready to go back in the car. The pistons & rods are all in and it still turns over, always good. The cylinder head is back on and with the pushrods and rocker shaft installed I was able to check the valve timing, I had to do this as I didn't take it apart and there weren't any location marks on the crankshaft damper. It was fine. Tappets have been adjusted, exhaust manifold fitted and carburettors checked and assembled. The gasket set the owner ordered was a bit short, nothing for the timing cover, distributor, oil filler, dynamo drive damper blocks or oil pump so there'll be a delay while I get the correct parts from Fiennes. Once I've made some space in the workshop the owner will bring up the rest of the car so I can get the engine refitted.

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