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Corvette C4 back in the workshop

The Corvette C4 I have doing some work on of late came back in today for one of the more important "small" jobs. When the owner bought it there were numerous issues that I have been working my way through but the most concerning was the engine dipstick and tube came away in his hand complete when he tried to check the oil level. I found the tube had sheared where it goes through the block, probably because the upper part of the tube was not secured and out of shape and the dipstick was twisted so it would not pass easily through the tube. I sourced a good used part from the US and have been waiting to clear the lift before I could make a start. With the Jaguar XJ6 engine rebuild now complete, the car was picked up yesterday, I've been able to get it up in the air and have the starter motor removed to gain access. Now I've got to work out how to get the broken piece of tube out of the block.

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