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Chevy Bel Air progress

There have been a few mad things going on at the workshop today, I picked this one to write about. This '57 Bel Air came in to have the transmission upgraded to a TH350, you know how it is, everyone says "it's easy, just bung it in". The 2-speed came out just fine and we already had the new 'box but the owner has had to source a new flex-plate, starter motor, torque converter cover, cooler hoses, detent cable, flexible dipstick, prop-shaft yoke, gear indicator, kickdown bracket, trans mount, crossmember, etc.. Some of these parts were right first time, others not so much. Left to do - fit a diode into the starter circuit to feed the coil with 12v on cranking, finish off the kick-down at the carburettor, fire it up and top up the transmission. And then drive it.

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