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Chevy Bel Air in the workshop

The Bel Air I did some work on last year has come back in for a couple of jobs before the season kicks off. A rumble has developed in driveline so I am going to have the prop-shaft re-balanced to see if that makes a difference. It's had a tendency to get hot when in heavy traffic so I've installed a fan with a switch under the dash, fed from the 'ignition on' bus bar, controlling a relay under the hood. I'm going to replace the positive battery terminal with something more suitable, the wires just pulled out of the one that's fitted. The passenger side wiper wasn't working, I was able to clamp a split ferule onto that side's drive cable to shorten it ¼" and that did the job. That just leaves an oil and filter change and the fitting of some new valve cover gaskets.

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