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Chevy 3100 work almost done

I've been making steady progress with the Chevy 3100 the last week or so and now it's almost ready to offer for sale. The plan was to make it go, stop and steer and I've added a couple of extra items to that short list.

Once the engine mounts had been fitted, the sump filled and a new battery installed I tried the starter but it did nothing, oh dear. I removed the starter motor, cleaned it all off, cleaned the main contacts and, on refitting, the engine turned. I'd replaced the ignition lock, not easy when you've not got a key, but there was no voltage at the coil on turning it on. Some contact cleaner and a bit of exercising of the switch resolved this issue so now it turned over and sparked but still wouldn't fire. Fuel next, pulled the lid off the carburettor and found the needle stuck in the seat so a bit more cleaning and with it all back together I turned the key and hit the starter pedal and it fired right up. It even sounded good, nice and smooth, no silencers.

When it first came in I had noticed that the shifter was seized, with the floor panel out of the way I had to chisel dried dirt from the top of the box so I could even see the bolts that attached it. When the top and shifter assembly was removed the problem was apparent, no oil, seized shifter assembly in the top and seized baulk rings on the main shaft in the box. A bit of lubrication and some tapping with a copper mallet got the shifter moving, a lot more lubrication, even more heat and judicial application of the aforementioned mallet and I could get all 4 gears in the 'box. And reverse. It went back together easily, I've not tried it yet, not sure if the clutch even works.

That takes car of the making it go, stopping is also sorted as new front brake hoses have been fitted, the rebuilt system has been bled and it now has brakes at all 4 wheels. Steering it already did but I have at least lubricated the entire front end, all grease fittings, once cleaned, worked as they should and there is little wear in the king pins or ball joints.

We decided I should take a look at the lighting, I had high hopes as the condition of the switches and loom behind the dash is really very good. After treating the switch similarly to the ignition and, with the fitting of some new bulbs, the front side lamps and gauge lamps came on but there was nothing at the rear. A section of wiring at the rear left corner was found to be completely bare of insulation, I let in some new wires and, again with new bulbs, now had tail lamps. Even the headlamps work, but only on main beam, dipped beam has blown.

And finally, the owner sourced some new mounting brackets for the original sun visor, today, with a bit of fettling, it's now securely mounted and looks very cool.

Next step will be the test drive around the yard.

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