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Chevy 3100 update

Shortly after the Chevy 3100 came in to the workshop I removed the sump, rocker cover and side cover plate and found 3 bent pushrods but, otherwise, the engine looked like brand new. At the same time I took the drums off the front to check the brakes and, other than needing the slave cylinders rebuilding, it all looked good. I stripped and cleaned the carburettor whilst waiting for the parts to come from the US, these arrived yesterday. The engine has 3 new pushrods and the valves have been adjusted and the covers have been cleaned and treated with a rust inhibitor and fitted with new gaskets. New spark plugs and plug wires have been fitted, points cleaned and checked and the coil & distributor lightly cleaned. The front brake cylinders have been removed, stripped, honed & rebuilt with new seals, all other front brake parts have been cleaned and checked and found to be ok. I've also made a start on the engine mounts, all were found to be collapsed such that the transmission was sitting on the crossmember. So far the transmission mount and left side rear engine mount have been removed, all will be renewed including the front mount. Lastly I've fitted a new door mirror and, now that it's been inspected by the DVLA, a US style front license plate. I think this will make someone a very nice truck. Once I've filled the sump, rebuilt the rear brakes and master cylinder and replaced the rest of the engine mounts it will be ready to fire up.

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