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Bristol 406S and MGB in the workshop

It's been a bit of a busy day today. 4 cars left the workshop: Corvette C4 - new rear shock absorbers & air filter temperature sensor; Panhard Dyna X86 - oil change & chassis lubrication, drain, drop, clean, treat & refit fuel tank, trip check; Rover P3 - sold yesterday, collected today; Bentley 3.5 - oil & filter change, starter & dynamo overhaul (thanks go out to Ribblesdale in Preston). These 2 came in: Bristol 406S - not been used for 6 months or so, when it was recently fired up it kicked off ok but since putting some fresh e5 fuel in it won't idle unless the mixture is enriched; MGB - oil & filter change, top up of gearbox & axle, lubrication of front suspension & steering, fit brake booster.

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