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Bentley Continental T in the workshop prior to sale

This rather fabulous Bentley Continental T was dropped off today, the owner, who has inherited it, wants me to do a little work on it and then offer it for sale. For a start it failed its MoT this morning, rusty brake pipes won't be a problem but it also needs some welding underneath. I'll also carry out a service and carry out a thorough inspection, when that is done and the MoT is passed I'll be adding it to the Inventory. It really is an amazing piece of machinery, one of only 321 built, 590lbft torque at 2000rpm, 400bhp, 0-60 in 5.8sec, 155mph (limited). It should also be mentioned, in case you were not in the market for one of these in the late 90s, it was £220,313 when new. Crikey.

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