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Audi RS6 coolant leak update

Not being entirely sure I wanted to get involved with the starter motor just yet the owner talked me into investigating the coolant leak. With it on the ramp and the lower engine cover removed coolant could clearly be seen running off the bottom of the alternator with only 1 or 2 lb of pressure pumped into the system, actually isolating the leak was less straightforward. I knew where I wanted to look, above the alternator is a coolant outlet that also has a connection for one of the alternator cooling hoses (yes, the alternator is water cooled). I cable tied my endoscope to a guide I'd made up, access to the front of the engine is a little restricted, and, lo and behold, found the drip. I was able to make what is quite possibly the dullest video I've made, and there is strong competition, and when he'd seen it the owner gave me to go ahead to dig deeper. Short story long, after some time I'd drained and removed enough of the front end (all of it) to see that the hose connecting the alternator to the outlet was split. Needless to say the owner was happy that it wasn't an expensive part. If the build quality was a little better it would have taken less time, I lost count of the seized and broken screws, and that was before I got my hands on it.

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