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Aston Martin DB9 service

A few jobs have been completed on the Aston Martin DB9 this week. I've replaced the front discs, pads and caliper bolts, rear discs, handbrake pads and caliper bolts (waiting on the rear pads) and will be flushing the brake fluid and replacing the bleed screws. Engine oil and filter have been changed, involved removing the front under tray and still access to the filter was somewhat tricky. I managed to get a ziplock bag around the filter before pulling it it to prevent the oil going everywhere as it was dragged along the chassis rail. The differential oil and filter have also been done, the car makes quite a bit of noise from the diff when turning & moving forwards, hopefully the new fluid and limited slip additive will sort that out. The air filters have been replaced with performance units, again access was not ideal, they are mounted behind the bumper so the wheel arch linings had to be removed to get at them. While they are off I am also going to change the gas struts that hold the swan doors open. It should be all done next week, wheels are at my pals garage for the tyre change, rear pads are on the way.

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