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And finally......the last Open Day reminder

Determined to see it through, here's the last reminder for tomorrow's Open Day and the last workshop photo. So, as far as the day itself goes, it's a come and go as you please thing with light refreshments available that will run from 10am until 4pm. Address and map are on the contact page, if you're into what3words you can use 'cabages,lately,materials', that'll bring you to the door. There will be a chequered flag at the roadside. As for the photo it was taken in my first proper workshop here in the UK, in Langwathby, Cumbria, when I'd been in only a few weeks. I lucked into it, I was working from home or mobile when I was contacted by a chap who needed some work doing on his Rolls-Royce 25/30 and told me I could do it at his place. It ended up being the perfect space to start out, it had been a garage for the family's transport business and was full of stories. The owner of the building became a very good friend and I owe him a lot, I stayed there for 7 years but it's prospective sale led me to move into where I am now. The cars, from left to right: Mazda MX5 stored for a friend; can't remember, might have been a Singer or Wolseley, used to belong to the owner's mother; 1930s Essex; Rolls-Royce 25/30.

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