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A pair of Tasmins

I couldn't resist this shot of the 2 Tasmins I have in the workshop. The convertible was supposed to be MoT tested this morning but it wouldn't start, "here we go" I thought. It was dropped off at my workshop this afternoon, definitely fuel present (pump is running and there's gas in the tank) but no spark. Found the ignition control unit is mounted on the forward end of the left side inner wing, right under the bonnet vents. I think it must have been outside in the pouring rain yesterday, the 2 connectors were wet and, on separating them, the spades were corroded. After a quick clean and with a jump start it ran just fine. I've ordered some new Superseal connectors to replace the original factory items - that should do it. The gearshift has a lot of play so I will order the parts to rebuild it, the boot struts have no strength so it'll need a pair of those and I've also got to fix the horn.

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