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'66 Mustang progress

The '66 Mustang that came in a month ago is just about done, only a new tyre and an MoT and it can go home. It's running smoothly now and is a lot easier to start, there were a couple of kinks in the fuel hose that were limiting supply and the choke needed a new stove pipe & heater hose bracket to make it operate correctly. The owner wants to do basic maintenance himself but the California market smog equipment that was fitted made this very difficult so I have removed it all and plugged the air pipe holes in the heads. This work also necessitated the fitting of new HT leads that route more naturally and while I was working around the top of the engine I also stopped a coolant leak from the heater return elbow in the intake. Last week when I was finishing it off by changing the oil and coolant I found the thread in the sump for the plug stripped and the radiator lower hose fitting cracked. I was able to fit a helicoil thread in the sump and a new aluminium radiator came today. As part of checking things for the MoT test I found a couple of problems with track rod end and steering ball joint boots, easily fixed. The test is booked for later this week.

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