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1953 Bel Air Battery Box

You might have noticed a short hiatus with regards to blog posts, this was thanks to double hernia surgery at the end of last month and an enforced recovery time (mostly spent watching the world cup). Now that I am back in the workshop I've made start on the Chevy Bel Air that came in a few weeks ago. I've removed the tired wiring loom (which unfortunately meant removing the rather nice headlining for access) and the water pump bearing was found to be unserviceable so the pump has been removed and sent to SP for overhaul. As for the subject of this post, whilst working under the hood I noticed some rust at the edges of the battery tray, you'll see from the photo that removal mostly involved sweeping it up. A new one is coming from the US, along with a new factory spec wiring loom, they should be here next week.

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