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VW Beetle work finished

The work on the Beetle is all done now. The job list got a little longer than first thought: with the engine out I found some of the tin plate panels were either rusty, bodged or missing so new ones were sourced and fitted; the rear shock absorbers were a bit long in the tooth and have been replaced; the rear gearbox mounts were completely shot so new mounts have been installed. In addition to these the owner asked me to send the steering box and idler away for renovation - removing them was a pain as one of the idler bolts had been welded to and one of the steering box bolts was rusted into the body, sheared off at the head and had to be drilled, ground, drifted and cut out. I've also drained and removed the fuel tank to replace the sender, replaced the fuel hoses with some that are ethanol proof, fitted a new fuel filter and replaced the engine and gearbox oil. That just about covers it.

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