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Skoda Kodiaq in the workshop

Something a little out of the ordinary, a straightforward brake job on a regular customer's modern (2018) Skoda Kodiaq. He was so displeased with the quote provided by the dealership for the work 'required' to get it through an MoT he asked if I'd take a look. They were right about the front brakes needing replacement, the pads were 80% worn and the discs heavily lipped, but I am not sure why it should cost what they quoted. I don't think many garages would have failed the rear brakes, they were a little ridged on the discs but the pads are only 20% worn and both have only been on the car a year or so, but I've replaced them anyway. Two other jobs were quoted: new wiper blades (again only a year or so old and no signs of wear, noise or streaking); brake fluid replacement (owner was told that there was water in the fluid - there is no way of testing this and certainly not for an MoT test). I'll be taking it to my regular test station in the morning, he's as thorough as they come but doesn't chase work - not from me anyway. The nearest guess as to the original quote wins a quiet sit down in a dark place and the time to contemplate on the origins of profiteering.

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