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Reliant engined trike in the workshop

Following on from my recent introduction into the workings of a Reliant Rialto this trike was dropped off today for some work. It's got the engine, transmission, axle & rear brake from the Rialto fitted into quite an extraordinarily well built frame. I'd be tempted to put smaller wheels and bigger tyres on the back as it's a hardtail and we are none of us getting any younger. From the story I was given by the owner he's not had a lot of luck with it of late, since it was last worked on (head gasket) it wouldn't fire up, then it sat around and wouldn't even turn over. As the starter was spinning I removed it, cleaned up and lubricated the pinion and with it refitted and a new battery installed it kicked over just fine. The carburettor certainly looked okay and the fuel pump was working so I put fresh fuel in the tank and float chamber. As it had electronic ignition it wasn't possible to check static timing, it looked close enough and there seemed to be some spark but it wouldn't fire. With a probe on the -ve of the coil I found it wasn't switching cleanly, further investigation uncovered a corroded spade connector in the low tension feed to the distributor ignition module. I took this out of the equation, re-terminated the wires at the coil and it pretty much fired up first try. The timing and idle were then set and it's now running very smoothly and starting easily. I am going to waterproof the coil and distributor and replace the right side control switch, other than that it's good to go.

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