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Porsche 928 S2 engine work

Regular visitors might be surprised by this post, maybe assuming that the Porsche 928 lurking in the back of the workshop will be a long time stationary. It's true that has certainly been the case for the last few years since finding the engine had picked up in a few bore. I pulled the engine out in 2020, the totally stripped block was then sent to Capricorn Automotive for re-boring and nikasil plating and they also made me a set of pistons. Since then it has all been waiting for me to find the time, and the money, to make a start on getting it back together. Today I finally pulled my finger out and now have the crankshaft fitted to the crankcase and the main bearing section fitted and all secure - the crankshaft even turns. New main seals have been fitted front and rear, the oil & water pumps installed and the starter bracket and flywheel are back on. This is just about the state it was in when I pulled it out of the car so that feels like progress to me. The next step is to get it onto an engine stand and fit the new pistons.

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